Why is Cyber Security and Computer Forensics Technology Important?

Why is Cyber Security and Computer Forensics Technology Important?

Why should anyone be concerned about cyber security and computer forensics technology? Thanks to the increased technological advancements, the issue of cyber-attack has become a reality. Most people who hardly use technology may not appreciate the importance of protecting themselves on the online sphere. Cybersecurity should be a shared responsibility even if one uses technology once a week.

Beneficiaries of computer forensics technology

Investigators are utilizing the computer forensics technology to uncover crimes or breach of privacy. The technology is a highly advanced investigation technique that has become beneficial in getting information during legal proceedings

Who can benefit from the computer forensics technology?

Crime victims are the primary beneficiaries. Most of the victims are looking for closure or hope to find information that will offer the missing link in the case. People believe that deleting a message from a mobile phone or any other device will “lose” the message for good. Thanks to the new technology, the forensics experts will delve into the system and unearth information, programs, or any activity that will be presented as evidence.

The Police Force can employ the technology to help them unearth a variety of cases ranging from identity theft to computer misuse to criminal damage.

Business and business owners may experience malicious activity. For instance, someone may hack their computer or duplicate sensitive or confidential information. The computer forensics technology is designed to help business owners facing such a predicament.

Having understood the importance of cyber security and computer forensics technology, it raises an important question. How can we keep ourselves safe while using the Internet? Here are a few fool-proof tips:

l Separate professional and personal life online

Avoid sharing intimate details of your personal life online. Some information shared may come to haunt your future. It is recommended to have all your professional contacts in one social media platform or account. If you have to share edgy or controversial information, consider using a pseudo account.

l Store confidential information in your phone

Keeping sensitive information will keep you alert of your surroundings always. Also, you will work on better ways of protecting the information.

l Never delete relevant data

It is important especially with court cases. Someone may try to tamper or delete the evidence. Have a backup in case of such eventualities.

l Should I care if anyone knows this?

Before posting or sharing information on the Internet, ask yourself if everyone needs to know about it. That silly drunk video on YouTube may be used against you.